Mickelson & Merrifield Tactical Firearms is an FFL dealer based in Chico, CA, ready to assist you in your next gun purchase.  Our mission is providing high quality firearms at the lowest price.   Copyright © 2012

Today the tradition continues here at M&M Tactical Firearms in Chico, California, meeting  the challenges set forth by its founding fathers: providing the right product at the right price and at the right time.  Whether you’re interested in purchasing your first gun or a more experienced gun owner, we can assist you in getting the best price on your next firearm purchase.  If you’re considering buying a handgun, shotgun or rifle, call today for direct knowledgeable service and a free quote.  A hallmark of any great business is the names with which it is associated.  Colt, Beretta, Stag Arms, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Winchester are a few of the quality products distributed by Mickelson & Merrifield Tactical Firearms.

Interested or looking for your next gun purchase?
Contact owners Chris or Nolan for direct service, questions or a free quote on a firearm.


Chris Mickelson

(530) 624-5671

Nolan Merrifield

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